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It is important that our words glorify and honor God. They are not reckless and say things that offend God and others. We are careful how we use our words and cautious that our words do not damage others. Let me be transparent as I pray that none of us is caught using profanity. Surely, those words cause great harm and pain. However, let me also say that you can hurt someone without using profane words like dumb or stupid. Reckless words! Choose your words wisely. Put a zipper on your tongue. Use words that edify and strengthen. Today’s devotion, found in Proverbs 12:6 warns about using reckless words.

“The words of the wicked are like a murderous ambush, but the words of the godly save lives.”

In this wisdom book, the writer speaks of words that are meant to destroy their victims and cut to the fabric of their life. The writer wrote, “Like a murderous ambush, they sneak upon you and destroy your life.” This entire chapter speaks of godly virtues and warns the ungodly. In contrast, godly words provide wise counsel. They edify and strengthen. I pray that you are using wise words today. May our words and our actions always honor God.