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Today’s devotion, prayerfully, will speak to your heart. We can never take our eyes off the Lord. The devil is real, and he will try to lure us into places that we need not go. He will cause us to do things we have no business doing. We cannot take our eyes off the Lord for a minute. The moment we do, we are headed for destruction. The flesh is weak, and we will find ourselves yielding to temptation. Always keep your mind, heart and eyes on the Lord. Many of us, if we are honest, can share some of the pain we have experienced when we have taken our eyes off the Lord.  We decided to do what Frank Sinatra sang, “We did it our way.” Only, to find that going that way caused pain and heartache. Not taking your eyes off the Lord is crucial to our relationship with God. Matthew 14:29 reveals these words:

“’Yes, come,’ Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus.”

This moving passage of scripture reveals Peter walking on the water as he kept his eyes on Jesus. The next verse indicates that when he saw the winds blowing, he became afraid and began to sink crying: Lord save me.” Peter lost his faith and trust in God the moment he allowed the wind to become his focus. He no longer was looking at the Lord but looking at the heavy winds. However, thanks be unto God that the story does not end there. Not only did Peter find new strength, he immediately turned his eyes upon the Lord and walked on the water. Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him. Peter’s faith failed, because his eyes were blinded by what he saw. Never allow burdens and problems to become your focus. Always remember that Jesus can handle every burden and every problem you face. Keep your eyes on Him and you will be victorious no matter what life brings your way.