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Some things we will never know. But one thing we should always keep in our hearts and minds is that with God, all things are possible. We cannot afford to doubt, speculate, or guess about this, but we can have full and complete confidence that God is able and willing to meet our every need. Our faith in God ought not to be weak and shabby, but strong and secure enough that we can say without a doubt, “I believe.” There is a vast difference between believing and doubting. Therefore, we do not doubt God’s power. We must choose to believe in it. Never doubt the power of God. Do not let doubt rule your life. Live by faith. Walk by faith. Trust by faith, when you do not know what is at the end of the road. I believe that God has not brought me this far to leave me. If you believe you can make it, you will make it. The scripture reference is Galatians 3:14.

“Through Christ Jesus, God has blessed the Gentiles with the same blessing He promised to Abraham, so that we who are believers might receive the promised Holy Spirit through faith.”

Paul shares with his fellow believers, the blessing of Abraham, which Abraham possessed and enjoyed during his lifetime. He enjoyed the blessing promised to his descendants and all humankind. The people did not have to doubt, because God had promised them power from on high. They were to live according to the promise. They were not to doubt or become fearful, but believe that God’s promises surely would come true. Their faith allowed them to receive the promise of the spirit. They were to inherit rich blessings and they could not allow doubt to rob them of the blessings awaiting them. I love the acronym “WOW”, Wonderful Opportunities Waiting. We must believe that it does not yet appear what the Lord has in store for those who believe and trust in Him. Prayerfully, you are living on this promise and all doubts are removed.