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Do You Know Him?

In preparing for this devotion, I thought about the words of my pastor, Reverend Dr. Albert Franklin Campbell. When I expressed my call to the ministry many years ago, he said, “Charles, make sure God has called you.”  In other words, “make sure you know Him, for the time will come when you will need to know for yourself that He has called you.” I have found those words to be so true, because I would not have been able to come this far in my walk with God without really knowing Him.  This does not apply to me just as a pastor, but it also has a bearing on me as a husband, father, grandfather, brother, and a friend.  It is not enough for our families to know Him, but each of us need to know Him for ourselves. In Mark 14:71, we find these words:

 “Peter swore, ’A curse on me if I’m lying – I don’t know this man you’re talking about!’”

Peter, who had walked and talked with Jesus, denied that he knew Him. His actions indicate he was more concerned about himself.  At the very moment when he could have spoken a word on the Master’s behalf, he denied knowing Him.  But we should not be too hard on Peter; for there are times when we behave in a manner that is not pleasing to God.  The title of this devotion posed a question, and I will end with that same question that each individual must answer for themselves.  The question is simply, “Do you know Him?”