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Do Not Quarrel

The Word of God gives us instructions on how to live. Many of us tend to live our lives in disarray. Most often, the least little thing causes us to respond negatively. We have been told to “sin not with my tongue”  (Psalm 39:1 KJV), …to “delight thyself in the Lord ”  and to “cease from anger” (Psalm 39:8 KJV). We cannot plead ignorance or be in denial, especially when we know the Word. Do not quarrel! When we argue, not only do we do damage to others, but we also do damage to ourselves. It takes more effort to quarrel than it does to love. In 2 Timothy 2:24, we find these words:

“A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people.”

Throughout this chapter, we read Paul’s sound doctrine to aim for righteousness, faith, love and peace. Be a teacher: one who is kind, gentle, patient, humble, meek and mild. Avoid being proud, haughty or arrogant. Paul writes that those who are intent on quarreling are foolish. I pray, today, that we all aim to avoid quarreling, and that we spend our time edifying God’s people and serving Him.