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I have done several “Thoughts for the Day” about bitterness, which can be viewed on Facebook. I have seen many bitter people in this world and that causes my heart to be heavy. We have seen the ungodly results of those who are bitter and filled with hate. We have seen it through acts of terrorism, crimes, and anger turned against a friend or family member. We have seen the horror of hate resulting from bitterness in the heart. Hardly a day goes by without an act of revenge or evil that is rooted in bitterness. Our hearts must be clear and pure. Matthew 5:8 sheds light on this devotion:

 “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

Matthew writes of the pure at heart, those who love as the Lord does. Their hearts are clean and bright and do not house bitterness. Matthew records in this Be-attitude, the blessings that come when our hearts are open to God. This sixth Be-attitude involves the mind, as well as the heart. This attitude comes from God and is pure, clean and untainted. Let us all ask God for a clean heart and a right mind, so that we might truly be a reflection of Him. He is the only one who can cleanse our hearts and take bitterness, envy and strife away. Our lives are made better when we are free from a polluted heart. Thanks, be unto God today that He is a heart regulator and a mind fixer.

Matthew 5:8 (KJV)