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Do Not Be Conceited

As believers, our walk with Christ cannot be the same as that of the world.  We cannot walk in vanity or be so proud that we lose all sense of who and whose we are.  Our walk must be in keeping with our loving, living Christ.  The flesh is powerful and appeals to our innermost being.  Strife, envy, bickering, jealousy and conceit are all desires of the flesh and works of darkness.  The time has come for all believers to cast off any works of darkness.  We must always try to live and walk in the light with humility, honoring God at all times.  In Romans 13:14, we find these words:

“Let every part of you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not allow your weak thoughts to lead you into sinful actions.”

In the previous verses Paul challenges us to live in the light. He speaks about loving with a passion, living a life of ethics, moving away from the desires of the flesh.  We have been saved from the bondage of the flesh and released to the fullness of the new life.  Conceit is one of the desires of the flesh; let us not give into the flesh. Let us remain humble and accessible to God who will guide us into all that is true.