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Whatever we do, it must be done in love. Love must be at the heart of all the work we seek to do. In other words, we must love in and through what we are doing. It is so important, because no matter what we do, if love is not at the heart, it will lose its power to be a blessing. I would argue strongly, sometimes we do things just to please people or to get recognition for ourselves, only to find ourselves disappointed. When we do things motivated by love, not only does God get the glory, but we ourselves are blessed. Let love be at the heart of everything, and I do mean everything, that you do. The scripture reference for this devotion is found in 1 Corinthians 16:14:

“And do everything with love.”

Here, Paul, the humble servant of the Lord, in his final instructions to the people of God is teaching under God’s divine orders. He wanted people to be firm in their faith, be courageous, be strong, and that whatever they do, they do with love. Before telling them to do everything in love, he says, “Be strong.” Having a mind to live life in love is not a sign of weakness, but it is an act of strength. You must have the strength to love. That strength comes from the Lord.