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Today I will begin with the first of four days of devotions that focus on the need to stay with God. There are things we need to do if we are serious about our walk with God. Depart from evil is one of them. We cannot have an intimate relationship with Almighty God and continue to do the work of the devil. The devil delights in waiting for us to do evil things. We cannot serve God and serve the devil at the same time. You will either love the one or hate the other. We must have a strong commitment to avoid the devil at any cost. The scripture is Psalm 34:14.

“Turn away from evil and do good. Search for peace, and work to maintain it.”

The psalmist is clear that if you want to live a life pleasing unto God, you must turn away from evil and do good. We must search for the peace of God and work towards maintaining it. The psalmist has a deep desire to praise the Lord. He begins this chapter saying that he will praise the Lord at all times, and constantly speak His praises. The psalmist is aware of his allegiance so consequently, he urges the people to put God first and to depart from evil-doings. This day, choose whom you will serve. If you have made a commitment to serve the Lord, then turn away from evil and do good.