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Today’s devotion speaks of complete trust in the Lord. Underline this word complete. That simply means put your entire trust in the Lord, and rely on Him with your whole heart and mind. It means do not waiver when trouble comes, but call and depend upon Him. Today, I pose this question to all readers and to myself: Do you have complete trust in the Lord. There is one person in God’s Word, who had complete trust in the Lord. We know him by the name of Job. Today, let us turn our attention to Job in Job 13:16.

 “But this is what will save me—I am not godless. If I were, I could not stand before Him.”

This powerful passage in the King James Version translates to “Behold, He will slay me. I have not hope, yet I will defend my ways to His face.” Job speaks with confidence. All indications point to his immediate death. Nevertheless, he does not lose heart. He has nothing to lose and yet, he has everything to gain for He knows that God is with him. Job is not swayed by friends or his wife. He remains true to God. Job has a deep and abiding trust in the Lord. It is complete and his faith is rooted in God. We are familiar with this story and it is worth hearing today. May we be inspired by Job’s confidence in God. May our faith and confidence be like his.