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Compelled to Praise Him

During one of our Church Without Walls services, we set aside an entire week to praise God. As opposed to asking Him for anything, we reminded worshipers to talk about how good God had been. They spoke about how He had been a doctor, a comforter, and how He had opened doors. There were praises acknowledging His holiness, His sovereignty, and His righteousness. We asked all who joined the service to pause, reflect, and offer God praise not only from their lips but also from their hearts. In Psalm 135:3, we find these words:

 “Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; celebrate His lovely name with music.”

The psalmist begins this psalm in the first verse calling on the people to praise the name of the Lord. Worship is on the psalmist’s lips and praise is in his heart. These praises were to be sung in the temple to tell of the Lord’s greatness. He knows he should not be alone in praising God, for the people should be compelled to thank God for His mighty deeds, and His wondrous acts. It is my prayer today that not only are we compelled to praise God, but that we are also thankful and grateful. May God be pleased with our praise and may we never stop praising Him.