Community Resources

Message From The Pastor

This Community Resource Guide has been compiled with our mission to Love God and Serve People, and provides a host of community resources that are available throughout our surrounding community.  In seeking to serve God’s people, it also provides an opportunity to network with community agencies to meet those various needs.

Bethlehem is committed to holistic ministry that encompasses every opportunity to make available area of every phase and fact of life.  We will continue to add agencies that are not currently listed, as well as to continually monitor and update those that may no longer exist.

As you use this resource, pray and seek God’s guidance as to which specific resources is best suited for the individual you are seeking to assist.  As pastor, I am proud and pleased to offer my sincere appreciation for the extensive research and the many hours of work that has been devoted to this wonderful Resource Guide.

We will continue to make available every resource at Bethlehem through our Missions and Benevolence.  We also recognize our inability to meet all needs, but together as a church and community, we will continue to embrace God’s people with love and compassion, and direct them to places they may find the assistance they need.

Peace and Love,

Charles W. Quann, Pastor

List of Resources

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