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Christmas is a wonderful season.  Whenever I have opportunity to share what Christmas means to me, I share that I am still like a little child. I love Christmas!   More than the gift-giving, time with family, trimming the tree, and all the wonderful blessings around this season, I love the true meaning of the day.  The fact that we have a Savior, has kept me throughout the year when troubles and trials come my way.  I rest on the knowledge that our Savior has come into the world not only to bring salvation, but also to bring peace, joy, and goodwill.  I need that joy not just this year, but whenever I look back over my life and realize that, the joy of the Lord is my strength.  I am able to celebrate this Christmas in a childlike manner.  I cannot sing but Lord knows I can speak about what the Savior has done for me.  Prayerfully, you can speak about what the Savior has done for you.  You really cannot think or speak without giving thanks.   If you are downhearted today and your Christmas looks bleak, then I would urge you to read the words in Luke 2:14.  Here you will see this joy unfolding.  It puts things in proper perspective for it is possible not to have joy on this Christmas Day if you simply look at the gift giving or your inability to give gifts. For that matter it is also possible to lose your joy if you find yourself knee deep in debt or there is sickness and trouble. The words of our scripture read in this manner:

 “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased”

To grasp the message fully, read Luke’s entire account of the birth of the Savior and see how the joy that speaks to our hearts is expressed.  Here we see the adoration, magnificent power, and glory of God.  See how the shepherds’ lives transformed their amazement and how they broke out in worship and praise to God. Do not let this day go by and you fail to give God praise.  Give Him glory and honor Him with your reverence.  Let this Christmas be one, which you grasp the full meaning of the day.  It may well have turned into a commercial day, for the malls are open and it is business as usual for the world, but for the believer we find great delight in praising His name.