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In my humble view, today’s devotion is something that we all need to do. I must admit that I have not always chosen my words wisely. Consequently, I have said some things that should not have been said. At the same time, I have said things that have been misinterpreted. I have said some unwise things when I was upset. Of course, there is a consequence when we do not speak wisely. Not only do we dishonor God, we run the risk of offending someone. We can lose our witness by uttering just one word. It is essential that we give thought, prayer and God’s wisdom to know when we should speak and when to sit still. If we are honest, all of us have spoken foolishly and out of turn at times. The scripture in Proverbs 17:28 speaks of choosing words wisely:

 “Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.”

In this book of wisdom, we find noble words. The writer indicates that even a fool, when he refuses to speak, is wise. When he holds his peace, he is wise. Sometimes silence is golden and conceals folly, he writes. One is intelligent when they hold their tongue. He that is wise has an excellent spirit. Proverbs speaks a lot about the tongue and a great deal about wisdom. It is my prayer today that we will choose our words wisely. Speak to God before you speak, for this denotes wisdom and you will not look like a fool. Thanks be unto God, today. He grants to us wisdom by which to live and to speak.