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I remember this song that our Agape Praise Team would sing, I am chasing after God. Those words have resonated in my heart for there are times when I am literally chasing after God. I want to know more of Him. I can never catch up to Him. The more I chase after Him, the more I understand how high, holy, and sovereign He is. My heart’s desire is to draw close to Him to gain a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Him. I want to know His ways and live according to His will. To discover His beauty in holiness. I never want to stop chasing after Him. Every day there is something else to discover about Him. Take a moment and look at Psalm 65:4.

“What joy for those You choose to bring near, those who live in Your holy courts. What festivities await us inside your holy Temple.”

The psalmist begins this psalm by giving God praise, acknowledging how God answers the prayers of His people. The people are overwhelmed by their sins. God has forgiven them all. The psalmist expresses joy for those seeking to draw near to God. He recognizes the blessings that come to those who chase after God that their lives might be filled with a deeper meaning. The psalmist closes this psalm by indicating that the sheep in the field even sang for joy. Chasing after God and joining our hearts, together we can shout and sing as we draw near to Him. Keep on chasing after Him for you will find blessings that overwhelm you.