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If we want God to bless us, we have to step out in the deep water. There are
blessings waiting for us as we step out into the deep water, but our faith must be
strong, and we must be secure in the Lord. There are unseen things in deep water,
yet we walk by faith and not by sight. Deep waters require total dependence upon
God. We feel safe maneuvering in shallow water. Yet, God calls us into the deep,
to truly experience His blessings from on high. In Luke 5:4, we read:

“Now when He had left speaking, He said unto Simon, ‘Launch out into the
deep, and let down your nets for a draught.’”

Here, we see three fishermen who were close to Jesus: Simon Peter, James and
John. These men were committed followers of the Lord. The Word
says that they fished all night and caught nothing. Jesus told them to
cast their nets into deep water. When they did as He commanded they
caught a great multitude of fish, so much so that the fish broke their
nets. Not only was their faith tested, they were willing to trust Jesus at His Word.
Don’t spend your life wasting time in shallow water with no fruit to show. Trust the
Master. Step out on faith and allow Him to bless you bountifully. It only takes a
little faith, but oh, what blessings we receive when we put our trust in God!