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Built On A Rock

Throughout the years, I have been asked to bless several homes of our members. As I have toured the homes, I could not help but marvel at the beauty of those beautiful homes. As I prayed, I prayed not only for the blessing of the home, but also for the home to be built on a solid foundation. Notice I did not say a house, as there is a vast difference between a house and home. Unless the home is built with a solid foundation, it will crumble and fall. Home is where love and peace are present, and where God is the architect, builder and foundation. In Matthew 7:24, we find these words:

Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.’”

In this parable, we read of the wise and foolish builders. Each builder built differently. One built with no foundation and when the rain descended, and the floods came and beat upon the house, it fell. The house of the other builder, who built upon the rock, did not fall when the rains and flood came. Jesus uses this parable to emphasize the need to build upon a solid rock. Prayerfully, our homes are built upon the solid rock of Christ Jesus. Prayerfully, when the winds of life start blowing, we can all say, like the songwriter says, “I go to the rock.” Prayerfully we are all in the shelter of the rock, secure that no matter what comes our way we are anchored.