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It is important that we build our lives on a solid foundation that is rooted and grounded in the Lord. Regardless of the trials and troubles that come our way, we must stand because we are on solid ground. We are secure because we are built on the rock, Christ Jesus. Prayerfully, your faith is grounded and rooted in the Lord and you are able to endure whatever life brings your way: sickness, death, troubles, or trials. Prayerfully, you are planted deeply in God’s hands. The scripture reference for this devotion is Matthew 7:24.

 “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.”

Jesus, the Master Teacher, speaks of building on a solid foundation. He indicates that anyone who is wise and listens to Him will remain strong. Although the rains may come, storms rises, and the winds beat against the houses it will not collapse because they are built on bedrock. Jesus continues to teach that anyone who hears His teaching and does not obey, is like a foolish person building his house on sand. The storms will come, and his house will collapse. The Word says that when the Master finished teaching, the people were amazed with the authority in His teaching. I pray that you are wise and are building your house on a solid foundation. You are following the Chief Architect and you are strong in the Lord because of the strength that He gives to you.