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As we begin the month of March, it was this time last year that we encountered the Coronavirus. It has caused countless lives to be lost, havoc in our lives with loss of employment, sickness and isolation. We have at times become depressed. Yes, I use that word, depressed. Our minds have become overloaded with worry and anxiety. Some in God’s family and even in the medical field are reluctant to consult mental health experts. We can be strong believers and at times fall into depression. I would argue strongly that some of us are still dealing with depression. Nevertheless, we can break free from depression. We do not have to stay in that state for the rest of our lives. There are self-care practices available, and there is God’s Word that can liberate us. The scripture reference is Psalm 69:32.

“The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God’s help be encouraged.”

The psalmist speaks of seeking God and constantly praying to Him. He asks God to rescue Him from the mud and mire. He suffers in pain for he is depressed. Yet, he knows that God hears the cry of the needy and calls to Him. The psalmist is open and transparent about the situation. He is not in denial or fearful to be open to God. He wants God to free him from his horrible state. He not only prays for himself, but he prays for the people of Jerusalem. Perhaps, one of the reasons that being free of depression is dear to me, is because I have felt the heavy weight of depression. I thank God Almighty that I did not stay there. Like the psalmist, I cried out to the Lord who heard my cry and set me free. If you feel depression, anxiety or have deep longings in your heart, just call on the Lord who will set you free