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When God blesses you, it is for a lifetime. His blessings are not limited by time. He gives us eternal blessings that last our entire life. Oh, if we could just remember that! He does not take away His blessings. He grants them to us every day. Most of us have seen how people try to bless us. However, many times, their blessings are based upon our response. As soon as we do not respond in ways that please them, they will indeed take their blessings and run with them. But thanks be unto God, that His blessings do not depend on us for they are given to us through His grace and mercy. Psalm 21:6 is our scriptural reference today.

 “You have endowed him with eternal blessings and given him the joy of your presence.”

In this compelling psalm, the psalmist rejoices in the strength of the Lord. The Lord gave the psalmist his heart’s desire. The Lord blessed him with success and prosperity. The psalmist asked the Lord to preserve His life and the Lord granted His request. He acknowledged the eternal blessings of the Lord and celebrated what the Lord had done in his life. He danced and sang a melody of praise from his heart. When you know that God has blessed you and you have seen His blessings flow every day, you must give Him thanks. Oh, the joys of those who trust in the Lord! Praise Him today for His continued blessings. What a wonderful, mighty, and awesome God we serve. We woke up this morning with His rich and generous blessings filled with His grace and mercy.