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As believers, we must be strong in our faith and strong in our commitment. God has given us the power, that we can do “all things through him who strengthens us.” Consequently, we can be strong, because of our faith and trust in God. I would argue strongly that with a faith anchored in the Lord, we can grow to realize the true strength we possess in the Lord. Our scripture reference today centers around this whole matter being strong in the Lord. It says:

“In all, 1,760 priests returned. They were heads of clans and very able men. They were responsible for ministering at the house of God.”

Here, we see the priests returning from exile in Babylon. The Lord had mercy on them, and they were able to return. Praise God for strong, able men, who were responsible for ministering to God’s people that had courage and faith. They continued to share the word of the Lord. They were not intimidated. They relied on the power of God. Today, as you read this devotion, are you able to say, “I am strong in the Lord”? Let this account inspire you to lean on the everlasting God.