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There are times in our lives when we must just be still before God.  Most of the time even when we pray, we never stop to listen to how the Lord will speak back to us.  Prayer is conversation with God; consequently, we must allow time to hear from Him.  Not only is that true when it comes to prayer but the reality comes out of the fact that we get so busy in our day-to-day lives we fail to hear the Lord when He speaks.  This matter of being still before the lord is crucial and critical to our relationship with Him.  The flesh will tell us one thing and if we are not careful, we will do that one thing.  We need to hear from the Lord, consequently, we must be still to hear His voice when He speaks, and God does speak.  The scripture reference for this devotion is found in Zachariah 2:13 and reads:

 “Be silent before the Lord all humanity for He is springing into action from his Holy dwelling”.

In this deep and moving passage of scripture, the people are called upon to be still, as Yahweh is about to speak.  The profit calls upon the people who are in captivity to move beyond their flesh and listen attentively to the voice of the Lord.  Verse 10 reads, “The Lord says, “Shout and rejoice, O beautiful Jerusalem for I am coming to live among you”.  The Lord shall choose Jerusalem once again.  There needs to be awareness of His coming and they have to be still and listen.  Sin will be removed from the land and the people will be liberated.  But, once again, they are called upon just to remain quiet.  That is good advice for us today, to be quiet and wait on the Lord.  For the Lord will speak, we just have to be open to hear.  If we ever needed the Lord before, we sure do need Him now.  May we recognize not only His voice, but His presence when He comes.