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Today’s devotion relates to yesterday’s devotion about not using reckless words. Today we are focusing on being slow to speak. Be deliberate before we utter a word. Learn to listen, more than we speak. Listening is an art, taking great patience and wisdom. We are so eager to speak that we fail to listen to God and at times, to one another. Sometimes before someone is finish speaking, we interrupt and say things far from the truth. If we are honest, it is all of us, particularly when we do not appreciate what is said, spoken in a loud voice and at times, in anger. Oh, if we would learn to be slow to speak. This is not new, for today’s devotion focuses on this in James 1:19.

“Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

James is speaking of self-control. Be slow to speak and have anger under control. To hear and to respond when it is appropriate, with words that are pleasant and kind. James gives good advice when he fully knows that when we speak out of turn, we dishonor God. It can also allow anger to set in, and anger does not work the righteousness of God. It is conflict, selfishness and pride. James is deeply concerned that we learn to control our tongue. We know James writes much about the tongue; that it is deadly and poisonous. It is my fervent prayer that we will be slow to speak, eager to listen and that we honor God every time we speak.