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I have indicated a number of times that someone gave me a Grateful Jar, in which I write down what I am grateful for each day. It is a reminder of God’s blessings. I tell you this because we often do more complaining than thanking God. This Grateful Jar reminds me of how blessed I am in spite of the challenges of life. I believe we need to be intentional about expressing gratitude. We cannot take life or God’s blessings for granted. To be able to say thank you is an expression of gratitude. It reminds me of my grandmother’s response after I was ungrateful for a something she had given to me. She would say, “Give it back; you do not appreciate what I have just given you.” I believe we do this to God when we do not show our gratitude. Psalm 103:2 is our text today.

“Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me.”

The psalmist expressed a genuine thanks to God. He praised God with his whole heart and did not want to forget the wonderful things God had done for him: forgave his sins, healed his diseases, and filled his life with good things. David wrote of God’s compassionate love in this chapter. Prayerfully, this day, you have a heart of gratitude and are thankful for everything God has done in your life. I mean everything! I pray you can say, “I am grateful, grateful.” We owe God so much; the least we can do is to say thank you and praise His name.