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It is a blessing to wake in the morning and begin each day in prayer, enjoying our brothers and sisters and acknowledging our God with the Church Without Walls. It requires a great deal of discipline to get up every morning. Please do not take these words out of context. I am not bragging. I am trying to be honest. There are days when I just do not feel like getting up, or my body is tired. Sometimes I have even gotten up not feeling well. Nevertheless, I have committed myself to prayer. I believe that God wants us to be faithful in prayer. You may not be a part of prayer service, but there ought to be a time every day when you are engaged in prayer in your home, with family or alone. The early Morning Prayer sets my day in motion with prayer, praise for a new day and petitioning God to give me strength for the day. I have watched God turn things around just by the power of God. Our prayer lives are essential to our relationship with God. I thank God for those who have a heart for prayer. Read our scriptural text in Romans 12:12:

“Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” Paul laid the foundation of our Christian faith.  It is prayer. Notice that he speaks of hope and patience during tribulation. Prayer gives us the strength to trust God and to have hope when it all seems hopeless. When we are consistent in prayer, God can turn things around. We have no power outside of His power. Throughout this chapter, Paul speaks of loving and rejoicing with those who rejoice. Prayer will help us to rejoice in the midst of our trials and troubles. If you have not been faithful in prayer, begin this day, January 8th, to commit yourself to be faithful. Reach out and get a prayer partner. Set some time in the course of the day to pray. It does not have to be long. Turn the TV off for a moment or two. In fact, turn your cell phone, laptop or computer off and discover the real power of prayer.