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Today’s devotion is one that speaks to all our hearts. If we are honest, we tend to judge people without even knowing them. Some of us gossip, backbite and judge another’s dress, talk and behavior. We say negative things about other people when we do not even know them.  I have seen this in the church when someone comes in who looks a little different than we do, or has alcohol on his or her breath. How does one know the smell of alcohol unless you have tasted it? It is amazing how we become narrow-minded and judge others. “Judge not and ye shall not be judged,” and let God be the final judge. Remember He is judging us. The text in Matthew 7:1 references judging others.

 “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.”

Jesus, the Master Teacher warns against judging others. He calls upon God’s people to maintain a merciful, forgiving and compassionate spirit. He warns against self-righteousness. This is not a command to be neutral toward moral issues, but it is a warning to be careful of how you pass judgment on others. Be mindful of your own actions before you judge others. This is a practical lesson for us all. Jesus was practical in His teaching. Even those practicing religion were called not to be judgmental. As I said earlier, leave the judging to God and let us all walk with our own integrity and honesty, so that we will not be judged unfairly.