Blessings are Mounting (B.A.M. Campaign)


Demonstrate the love of God through serving people by outreach, education and support to communities at home and abroad


To cultivate self sustained communities to address the needs of others

B.A.M. Campaign

Objective:  The objective of the “Blessings Are Mounting” campaign is to increase BBC’s support of mission activities and events that serve our communities

Approach: Active fundraising, acquisition of “net new” donors, reduction of operating expenses, direct solicitation and effective use of social media.

Relevance: The campaign is aligned to BBC’s mission and vision and reflects our call to “Love God and Serve People”.

Goal for 2023 is to establish a baseline for sustainable contributions for enduring service and support:

The sub-goals that will help achieve the main goals are:

  • Develop a baseline for individual/major donors for 5-year mortgage reduction Target $260,000
  • Develop a baseline target for GRANT development and submission
  • Develop a baseline for CORPORATE giving (direct/employee match)
  • Develop expanded external donor network

For additional information contact: Deacon Chris Henry at 240.432.0256