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I remember vividly praying with our Church Without Walls, asking God to strengthen His people. I am aware that there are times when our strength begins to wain and we feel weak and worn. Life’s struggles and trials can drain us dry, leaving us depleted. However, God has a way of renewing our strength. All we need to do is to wait on Him, knowing He will strengthen our hearts. If you have never needed God’s strength before, just keep on living. The time will come when you will need His strength. God can strengthen us. I have often found myself needing His strength. So, I can relate to today’s devotion where the psalmist is looking to the Lord in Psalm 119:28.

“I weep with sorrow; encourage me by your word.”

The psalmist shares his life’s journey in this psalm. He has discovered the Lord’s love and tender mercy. He has sought to walk with integrity, knowing that the Lord will bless those who follow Him. The psalmist’s heart is heavy; tears are many. He says, ‘He weeps with sorrow.” He wants the Lord’s Word to strengthen and encourage him. He is open, honest, and transparent. For in Psalm 119, all 176 verses, he seeks the Lord’s strength. When you get a chance read this entire psalm. May the Word and power of God strengthen you.