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Whenever we are faced with troubles and need help, ask God. God is our helper and comes to our aid just in time. He has all the help we need, because He is a mighty, strong, and dependable God. He will lift us up by His victorious right hand. Never, ever seek to handle things on your own. Our strength is insufficient. Yes, we are grateful for family and friends who assist us in times of need, but like us, they are limited. However, God has no limits. The scripture reference for today is Psalm 86:16 and reads in this manner.

“Look down and have mercy on me. Give your strength to your servant; save me, the son of your servant.”

Throughout this psalm, the writer seeks God’s help. He comes to God in prayer with a heart of gratitude. He seeks God’s mercy. The psalmist knows that there are those around him who are trying to harm him and take his life. Nevertheless, he is aware of the Lord’s compassion and tender mercy. His call for help is that God will grant to him the strength he needs. He wants God to show a sign of His favor. The psalmist says with full assurance, “Oh. Lord, help and comfort me.” Prayerfully, you will find yourself calling on the Lord in times of need, like the psalmist. Thank God that He is always there to hear our call.