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I have always said that one should have an attitude of gratitude. One should have an attitude of hope. Our attitude speaks of who and whose we are. Unfortunately, too many people have a negative attitude. They wake up in the morning, and declare that nothing is good and go to bed at night and feel that all is wrong. They have nothing good to say about anything or anybody. I have said on more than one occasion to stay away from negative people who will pollute your mind. Develop an attitude that allows you to reflect on His bountiful blessings toward you. Our attitudes are so important. We honor God when we have a spiritual attitude and are able to encourage others. Ephesians 4:23 is our scriptural lesson today.

“Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.”

Paul speaks of living as children of light. In this chapter, he says to the people, throw off your old sinful nature, and your former corrupt lifestyles. He says, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and change your attitudes. Put on your new nature, which was created to be righteous and holy like God. He lists things they need to do get rid of: anger, bitterness, and harsh words, and have a Christ-like mind. Make sure your attitude is in keeping with your heart: grateful and thankful.