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I wonder if we ever thought that Jesus, the Holy One, could be distressed. Certainly
if Jesus, our Lord and Savior, indicated that His soul was distressed, Lord knows
we can relate to that because there are times when we become distressed. Some
Christians deny ever feeling distressed. But I believe that no matter how much faith
we have, there are certain situations that will cause each of us to become distressed,
even to the point of sometimes becoming depressed.
Today’s scripture is found in Mark 14:33:

“He took Peter, James, and John with Him, and He became deeply
troubled and distressed.”

Jesus is in Gethsemane in an olive grove with Peter, James and John. He went to
pray and told His disciples to watch while He prayed to His Father, where He
expressed the heavy pain of His heart and His troubled soul. Those closest to Him
could not help Him. He prayed to the Father, asking that if it is His
Father’s will, to take this cup away from Him, but only if it’s His
Father’s Will. Whenever our soul is in distress is the time to pray.
Ask God to strengthen you for your journey so that you may continue
to do His work and His will. Ask Him: “If it is Thy will”, to remove the heavy
burden causing you distress. We must always pray, “Thy will be done.”