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I want to again be transparent with the nights in which I cannot sleep. No matter how early or how late I go to bed, I still find myself unable to get a good night’s rest; the events of the day sometimes keep me awake. I toss and turn and find myself dreaming of things that are disturbing. Don’t laugh, but I have even tried to count sheep! Whatever it takes to make sure that I get a peaceful rest, I will do! I do not know why it takes me so long to realize that God can give you peace for a restful night if you just put your trust in Him. Pray before getting in the bed, and know that the same God who blessed you through the day will bless you through the night. Much of our sleeplessness comes through worry, but we have an opportunity to put our faith and trust in God. The Scripture reference for this devotion is Psalm 4:8:

“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.”

The psalmist begins this chapter by calling on the Lord to free hi m from troubles. He has been given the joy of the Lord and is able to lie down and rest, knowing that the Lord will keep him safe. There are many things going on in his life, but he is confident he can rest in the arms of the Lord. Not only does he rest, but he rests in peace. He knows that he can be held in the arms of the Lord, finding shelter in the time of trouble. May you find rest tonight and in the coming nights in the arms of the Lord. Have a good night’s sleep and know that you will receive God’s new mercies in the morning.