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A song the choir sings that speaks to my heart states “I am free, no longer chains holding me.” What a blessing it is to be free: free to live; free to love, free to serve. When God says “free and free indeed,” there are many who live their lives each day with invisible chains. They are unable to enjoy the blessings that come when God sets you free. Thank God today that He has granted us pardon and peace. We are free to be all He has called us to be. In John 19:30, we read our scriptural basis for today’s devotion.

 “When Jesus had tasted it, He said, ‘It is finished!’ Then He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.”

These familiar words are often heard on Good Friday as they are spoken on the cross. The Master says, “It is Finished.” All the work His heart and hands were sent to do, had been done. Nothing was left to be done. He was free to return to the Father. Mission accomplished! All God’s divine assignments for Him on earth were completed. Jesus says, “Into thy hands I commend my Spirit.” Prayerfully, you have experienced freedom knowing that your sins are forgiven and the hands of God have set you free.

John 19:30 (NLT)