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Whenever we gather for worship, it ought to be with joyful and grateful hearts. Our worship ought to be sincere. It ought to flow with our entire being to be able to worship God in all His beauty. In God’s presence, we ought to lift our hands and honor His greatness. Today’s devotion centers on the heart of worship. Our scripture reference is Psalm 57:5.

“Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens! May your glory shine over all the earth.”

The psalmist praises God in the beauty of worship as he acknowledges God’s awesome power. In the midst of all that, and what he has experienced and he is now enduring, his heart overflows with gladness. Although his enemies have set traps, his heart is confident that he can sing God praises. He offers God thanks for His unfailing love and faithfulness. The psalmist wants God to know how grateful He is. That God’s glory may shine all over the earth. He is not ashamed to lift his voice to sing Gods praises. In the dawn of a new day, his heart beats for joy. He sings aloud for God is worthy to be praised. May you have a heart of worship. May God get the glory out or your life. May you sing His praises wherever you go.