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At times in our lives, we just need to spend a day with God. Life is so busy, and we move throughout the day often not recognizing the power and presence of God. As we continue to deal with the aftereffects of Coronavirus and the racial unrest in our country and the other things that claim our attention, it is good to just steal away and rest in God’s presence. Be still and know that He is God! I constantly hear people speak of taking a vacation or rest to remove themselves from the normal things of life. That alone will not give you the strength that you need. When you return to pick up where you left off, it will still be there and may have increased. The beauty in spending a day with God will renew, refresh and remind you that God’s got whatever concerns you. Today’s devotion focuses on the beauty of a day with God, in Matthew 14:23.

 “After sending them home, He went up into the hills by Himself to pray. Night fell while He was there alone.”

Jesus, the Master Teacher, sent the crowd home. He went up into the mountains and spent the day there. Evening came and Jesus was alone. The mountain experience gave Him a sense of strength. Christ took the time to pray to the Father. He gained perspective and prepared Himself for the things that would take place. After spending this time, the disciples were fearful when they saw Him on the sea. They cried out but Jesus told them not to fear. Read this story to see how the Master walked on the water. It’s amazing what can happen when we spend time with the Lord. We can face whatever comes our way, fortified for the awaiting dangers. Whatever you do, spend quality time with the Lord. Prepare yourself. Brace yourself so that when life’s storms come you will be able to stand because you have already been prepared, having spent a day with the Master. When night comes, you can handle whatever it brings.