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When trials and troubles come our way, we turn our hearts and minds to God. His Word assures us that God will hear us when we call. He is the only one who can help us in these troubled times. Thanks be unto God that we can call Him in the midnight hour when tears flow like rivers of water. When there seems to be no help in sight, we cry out to Him in mercy.  This may be repetitious but it is true. If you have never called on the Lord in times of grief and pain, just keep on living. The time will surely come when you will cry out to God for help. Today’s devotion clearly speaks of how one cried out to the Lord. Today’s scripture reference is Psalm 31:22.

“In panic I cried out, ‘I am cut off from the Lord!’ But you heard my cry for mercy and answered my call for help.”

The psalmist is transparent. He indicates that in this very fearful moment in his life he cried out to the Lord. Within his heart, he felt cut off from the Lord. In the previous verses, he indicated how he praised the Lord and how the Lord had shown him the wonders of His unfailing love. The Lord kept him when the city was under attack. So, the psalmist cried out for mercy in this twenty-second verse, and the Lord answered his call of help and rescued him. What a wonderful testimony the psalmist now has. He tells the people to be strong, courageous and to put their hope in the Lord. It is my prayer today that you will put your hope and trust in the Lord. When you cry out for mercy, have full assurance that the Lord hears your humble cry and will answer by and by.