The History of BBC in the 21st Century

In 2000, Bethlehem Baptist Church was presented with the opportunity to purchase an additional place of worship from Congregation Beth Or. This began the Lifestyle Capital Stewardship Campaign which was put in place for this acquisition and was slated to last four (4) years. The focus was not on equal giving but equal sacrifice. Throughout those four (4) years, faithful members gave sacrificially over $1.0 million to the Lifestyle Capital Stewardship Campaign.

In January 2003, the Sunday worship services were re-vamped. The morning service changed to 7:30 a.m., the last service was changed to 11:00 a.m., and in a bold, God-given vision, a third worship service at 9:15 am was added. This service flourished and is the most widely attended.

The Lifestyle Capital Stewardship campaign culminated in June 2004, and now the church has started a new journey – the Mortgage Burning Initiative (MBI) which will allow the new site’s mortgage to be paid in full in half the time.

Bethlehem Baptist Church is now in its 119th year and has a long and rich history — one that will never be forgotten and one that will continue to be built upon. Church membership has grown substantially — over 1500 members and an operating budget of over $2.0 million. We are ceaselessly building on the theme: “A Christ-centered, Multi-cultural Church”. As the church grows spiritually and physically, Bethlehem Baptist Church will not only remember to thank God for His continued blessings but will remember to be a blessing to God.