The History of BBC from 1934 thru 1962

In January 1934, after forty-three (43) years of service, the first pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Reverend Dr. Caesar A. Edwards, passed away. In September 1935, the Reverend Guy Goodwin McGee of Tappahannock, Virginia was called to the Pastorate; bringing with him his wife, Grace, and four children: Guy, Jr., Portia, Hubert, and Grace. Reverend McGee’s service included organizing various outreach clubs and supporting those members who had family in the World War. It also included installing a four speaker audio system as well as having the roof raised and the support beams encased in wood as seen today in the sanctuary. In November 1955, Reverend Guy Goodwin McGee passed away.

In May 1958, Reverend Leonard Leland Smalls became the third pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church. He brought with him his wife Edna and son Timothy. Later, a daughter Linda was born. With the same spirit as the previous pastors, Reverend Smalls was greatly involved in the church and the community. The interior of the church was re-decorated and the Nursery Ministry was started. After five (5) years, Reverend Smalls resigned as Pastor.