The History of BBC from 1905 thru 1908

The church and the community continued to prosper and grow. On February 5, 1905, a special meeting was held and the church voted unanimously to start the new church. Construction began in the spring, and on the third Sunday of October 1906, dedication services were held and continued until Wednesday evening. On Friday night, October 22, 1906, a disaster occurred; the church burned down. The origin of the fire was never determined.

In fact, it was through this tragedy that the church came to realize that they had many loyal friends. The first to offer assistance was the Mt. Pleasant Church of Ambler, Pennsylvania where the Reverend Valentine served as Pastor. A true spirit of Christian sharing was evident as they offered the use of their Chapel for worship. The Chapel was located on the corner of Penllyn Pike and Trewellyn Avenue in Penllyn, Pennsylvania, and it soon became the meeting place for the congregation of Bethlehem Baptist Church.

During the months of November and December 1906, several meetings were held to discuss rebuilding the church. In February 1907, a communication with an offer to sell the Chapel was received from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. A vote on this proposal was taken and defeated fifty-seven (57) to seventeen (17). The understanding was that the church would continue to pursue plans to rebuild at the fire location. However, the architect and builder informed the congregation that the conditions of the walls were such that rebuilding on them was impossible. This led to a second vote, and the purchase of the chapel was approved. The agreement was completed by March 1907. The Chapel was acquired for the price of $1, 350, and an architect was engaged for the new church at the corner of Penllyn Pike and Trewellyn Avenue. In November of 1907 the old building was torn down and the stone was readied for removal to the new site. The new church was started in March 1908. Work progressed well on the new building and the cornerstone was laid in September of 1908, less than two years since the fiery loss. The church continued to grow over the years and became a vital part of the community.